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Hey Guys! I’ve been meaning to create a DIY tutorial for some time now, soooo…here goes nothing!


Woodworking has always been something that I have enjoyed. Not until recently have I realized how relatively easy, and inexpensive, it is to create your own frames that are much, much nicer than the cheap store bought ones. Here is how I created mine:

{Tools Needed} :

1. Table Saw and or table router.

2. Compound Miter Saw and/or hand saw with miter box.

3. Tape Measure

4. Liquid Nails, wood glue, etc., Clear Coat, “L” Bracket and/or staple gun.

5. Last, but not least…Proper PPE!(These Mechanix Fast Fit Gloves are amazing!)

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(Don’t forget to take a half angry looking selfie before starting your project 🙂 )


I was lucky enough to find some really old wood flooring that was already weathered beautifully, but there are plenty of online tutorials on creating Faux Weathered Wood.


(If you are using old wood you have found, make sure you lightly wash away any build up dirt/grime and let fully dry before starting. You would be surprised how FILTHY it can actually be. )

Depending on the materials you are using, you may have to use your  table saw to rip the wood to the proper width for your frame. Next, you are going to want to create the frame’s inset that will hold the photograph and/or glass.


This can easily be done with a router table, or like I did, by making multiple passes with your table saw using the blade set to the correct depth.(The depth will depend on the total thickness of your photograph/mat/glass.)

Next, you are going to make your 45 degree cuts using either your compound miter saw or hand saw with the miter box.

(*IMPORTANT* Remember, when making your 45 degree cuts, make sure you are cutting your 45’s in the correct direction. Also, the inside length of your frame needs to be 1/4″-1/2″ smaller than the actual image.)


Now we can begin assembling the photo frame. I placed a bead of liquid nails on the inside of my 45 degree cuts, and then clamped the corners together. After the adhesive has properly set up, I secure the corners on the back with small “L” brackets, and also several staples for extra strength.(You could also use a Kreg Jig to create pocket holes. The Kreg Jig is awesome!)


One of the last steps is to simply apply a layer or two of clear coat to the frame. (I found a spray type to be the easiest) This is really only necessary for old, weathered wood as it will help prevent further chipping or cracking of paint.


And there you have it, one beautiful(very inexpensive) weathered photo frame! The next tutorial will go over properly installing your matted image, glass and other hardware for hanging the frame.


Thanks so much for swinging by!  If you have enjoyed my DIY tutorial, I would greatly appreciate your comments, shares and Pins.


4 Responses to “{DIY} Weathered Wood Photo Frame | Southern Ohio Natural Light Photography”

  1. Jeni Bocook

    Looks awesome Brandon! I’m def going to be needing some of these!

  2. Lolly Jane

    Fab tutorial and that wood is GORGEOUS! Love the upcycled frame- looks great! Thanks for the link back! (:
    PS Love the “angry selfie” Haha!

  3. Katie

    That wood is so perfect! And tutorial is great! I love it!

  4. Brandon Smith Photography

    Thanks ladies! I think it turned out great. Lolly Jane, you have the best tutorial on the web for fake weathered wood(I have looked at a lot of tutorials too) and I will always give credit where it is due.

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