{Coffee} Protein Shake | Southern Ohio Natural Light Photography

Hey guys! Here is another super easy and awesome tasting recipe for you. I personally enjoy a hot cup of coffee(depending on the brand) and LOVE protein shakes, so it only made sense to combine the two. I was blown away at how good this tasted, and if made right, it tastes better(and of course is much healthier) than any coffee energy drink on the market. Here ya go, ENJOY!

(Some protein powders may “sour” when added to other really hot ingredients, so experiment or try an iced version.)


1. 80z fresh brewed coffee of choice (Gevalia Kaffe Espresso or Majestic Roast is the coffee I enjoy  best.)

2. 1 Scoop vanilla  protein powder. ( I generally always buy Body Fortress for price, taste and quality.)

3. 80z unsweetened almond milk. (Vanilla almond milk for a richer taste and texture. It will add more sugar though.)

4. *optional* 1 tablespoon honey.


Brew up a cup of your favorite coffee to start. While the coffee is doing it’s thing, blend together your almond milk and protein powder until nice and frothy. Pour your coffee into a large cup and then pour in your protein shake. Drizzle a little honey on top for a little extra sweetness and BAM, a healthy(IMO) alternative to those coffee energy drinks or dumping a ton of creamer in your coffee.

*Shake may need warmed up for 30sec-1min after adding protein. For an iced version, just let the coffee cool before mixing with protein and then add ice.*

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