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McChesney Ridge Athletic Club {McChesney Ridge Relays 2018 } |Southern Ohio Trail Running

This was my first time attending an event at the McChesney Ridge Athletic Club and I must say, it was a freaking BLAST! It is really difficult to explain how awesome it really was. The owners (Reece and Briana Brown) are two of the coolest people out there, and they are also some of the… Read more »

{YUMMY!} Raw Brownie Bites | Southern Ohio Natural Light Photography

My name is Brandon, and I have an eating problem….I can’t STOP! Seriously though, I love food! This is a major problem, since I do try my best to stay in shape and eat healthy. Sooo…what is a person to do when they have a serious hankerin’ for something sweet? Easy. Make a healthy alternative… Read more »

{Coffee} Protein Shake | Southern Ohio Natural Light Photography

Hey guys! Here is another super easy and awesome tasting recipe for you. I personally enjoy a hot cup of coffee(depending on the brand) and LOVE protein shakes, so it only made sense to combine the two. I was blown away at how good this tasted, and if made right, it tastes better(and of course… Read more »

{Spicy} Tuna Cakes | Southern Ohio Natural Light Photography

It wasn’t until here recently that I actually ate my first tuna cake. I love tuna, but they never really appealed to me.  Holly and I began eating Paleoish (some foods and ingredients are just too damn expensive!) a week or so ago, and we have started eating a lot of different meals. This was… Read more »

{DELICIOUS} 3 Egg Omelet | Southern Ohio Natural Light Photography

For the most part, my diet is pretty clean and I exercise regularly, but we all have plenty of room for improvement. From time to time, I will create posts about awesome recipes, and also, fat blasting workouts. This is a new addition to the blog and I hope everyone enjoys it 🙂 I am… Read more »