Bentley Family Farms | Summer So Sweet{mini sessions}

Before we get started, we would like to give a HUGE shout out to Bentley Family Farms for allowing us to shoot our sessions on their GORGEOUS property! Bentley Family Farms is a beautiful, historic farm located in Lucasville, Ohio, dating all the way back to 1848. The farm is ALSO one of the largest orchards in Ohio! If you are in need of an amazing venue for your next event or wedding, please contact Britt @ Bentley Family Farms and make sure to check them out on Facebook!

Bentley Family Farms Lucasville Ohio Event Venue Orchard Bentley Family Farms Lucasville Ohio Event Venue Orchard

Now, on to the show! We absolutely love shooting mini sessions and getting to come up with creative setups for sessions. With it being summer, we thought it would only be fitting if we broke out some super sweet and juicy watermelon for these sessions. So, we have a beautiful location with plenty of room, some super sweet(and healthy) treats and now we just need some fun models to photograph! These kiddos did not disappoint either.  We all had a BLAST!

Some of these kiddos absolutely LOVE watermelon and probably spend most of their summer days day dreaming about it! They were so focused on devouring every last piece that they barely paid attention to anything going on around them, including some dude with a big camera in their face.

Ohio Natural Light Childhood Portrait Photography Ohio Natural Light Childhood Portrait Photography

When you and your BFF have back to back sessions, what else are you going to do but lay on the ground laughing your heads off!

Most of these kiddos went home covered in sticky watermelon juice, and probably some dirt, and we are sure their Mommas had a blast washing their clothes 😉 Some however, decided that they would do their Momma a favor and wash their own clothes while still at the farm! This little lady only had one thing on her mind after her session and it was soaking that dress in some soapy water.

Others had little to no interest in eating any watermelon at all. Instead, they enjoyed me(Brandon) running around the orchard behind them, chasing them through apple trees and getting lifestyle/candid style shots of them. Even playing the drums on a rock with some random sticks became a favorite activity for a while!

Ohio Natural Light Childhood Portrait Photography

Heck, one even attempted to drive away with our truck.

We can honestly say that we had the time of our lives with these mini sessions, and seriously hope everyone else enjoyed them as much as we did. There is nothing better than a warm summer evening, fill with the laughter of some super cute and funny kiddos! Thanks to everyone that came out and let us create these awesome images for them, and again, thank you to the Bentley family for allowing us to use this beautiful property for our photography!