Lainey Ayers {Senior Portrait Session} | Portsmouth West High School Class of 2020 | Southern Ohio Senior Portrait Photographers

What can we say, this has been a blog post that we have been putting off since finishing up Lainey’s last senior session. To say that it breaks our hearts that her senior portrait sessions have came to an end would be a huge understatement! Lainey had a total of 4 sessions with us throughout 2019 and 2020 and she seriously KILLED IT during every session. She was one of the easiest girls that we have ever had the pleasure of photographing, and it really shows in her photos! We always consider ourselves extremely lucky when we come across someone that  is as beautiful, inside and out, as Lainey and has such a unique personality. It has been such a fun journey, documenting Lainey throughout her senior year and we have loved every last second that we spent with her and her awesome family. We love her whole family dearly, and none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for them!

Portsmouth Ohio Natural Light Lifestyle Senior Portrait Photography

Lainey’s senior portraits have received A LOT of attention on social media throughout the year but there was on photo in particular that absolutely blew up! Like so many other seniors, Lainey’s senior year was much different than planned, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She knew that she wanted to do something creative and unique during her spring session that expressed what senior life was like. We collaborated together on the idea and came up with the image below. Wow! After her session was complete and the final image was edited, we were just in awe with how it turned out. This quarantined themed senior portrait was even noticed by the local news and WSAZ aired it on their channel, where thousands of others were able to see it! How cool!  It is most definitely going to be a hard one to top!

Portsmouth Ohio Natural Light Lifestyle Senior Portrait Photography

When Lainey told us that she wanted to incorporate her saxophone into one of her sessions, we knew we needed to do something cool for her. We decided to end one of her sessions with her playing her saxophone on a rooftop, overlooking her hometown and they turned out amazing! What’s even cooler is that we shot her last session inside the same building due to weather, and ended that session on the roof again. This time, we were able to create a stunning image of Lainey and her prom date cuddled under a umbrella, during an absolute monsoon! We placed a small, portable flash behind them so that we could create a dramatic back lighting, and also showed the rain pouring down. Another image that is going to be hard to top!


Portsmouth Ohio Natural Light Lifestyle Senior Portrait Photography

Until next time, Lainey! Love ya!

Brandon + Holly


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Cam & Mary + baby Arbaugh | Ohio Natural Light Maternity Photographers

This is the type of session that, we assume, every photographer dreams of! It’s hard to put into words just how amazing this maternity session really was. Long story short, the only thing we did was give Cam and Mary the general ideas we had, pressed a couple buttons and they literally did the rest and THEY KILLED IT! Such a fun couple that clearly isn’t afraid to have a good time and show their love for each other. We have even thought about hiring Cam and Mary on the photography team to teach other couples how to dance during their session! Seriously though, everything about this session went so great that we finished up a lot sooner than expected and decided to shoot a cinematic short film for them too! It turned out so amazing that we have watched it dozens of times and are still in awe.

Thank you guys SOOOO MUCH for being so awesome and allowing us to document this part of your lives together! We cannot wait to meet baby Arbaugh!



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Hello Autumn {mini sessions} | Portsmouth Ohio Natural Light Photography

Well, it’s that time of year again! That’s right, Hello Autumn mini sessions 🙂 We receive messages all year about these sessions, and really look forward to them too. Due to the nature of these sessions, and limited time and spots available, these sessions are aimed towards small families(up to 4 members), children, seniors and couples. If you have a large family and want to book a session, we will be more than happy to pencil you in for a full family session so that you have plenty of time and aren’t rushed.

Fall Family Portraits Photography Ohio Natural Light Photography Autumn Mini Sessions Bentely Family Farms

These Hello Autumn mini sessions will be held October 27th & 28th in the late evening. We are fortunate to be able to offer these sessions at the BEAUTIFUL Bentley Family Farms, located in Lucasville, Ohio. This farm is gorgeous and offers so much character and color in the fall! You will not want to miss these! Please send us an email at to book your session. One last thing, book your session before Oct. 1st and not only you will receive an extra copy of your images that have been resized for social media, but you will also receive a custom designed Facebook timeline for your page! We cannot wait for these and look forward to working with more amazing people 🙂

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Bentley Family Farms | Summer So Sweet{mini sessions}

Before we get started, we would like to give a HUGE shout out to Bentley Family Farms for allowing us to shoot our sessions on their GORGEOUS property! Bentley Family Farms is a beautiful, historic farm located in Lucasville, Ohio, dating all the way back to 1848. The farm is ALSO one of the largest orchards in Ohio! If you are in need of an amazing venue for your next event or wedding, please contact Britt @ Bentley Family Farms and make sure to check them out on Facebook!

Bentley Family Farms Lucasville Ohio Event Venue Orchard Bentley Family Farms Lucasville Ohio Event Venue Orchard

Now, on to the show! We absolutely love shooting mini sessions and getting to come up with creative setups for sessions. With it being summer, we thought it would only be fitting if we broke out some super sweet and juicy watermelon for these sessions. So, we have a beautiful location with plenty of room, some super sweet(and healthy) treats and now we just need some fun models to photograph! These kiddos did not disappoint either.  We all had a BLAST!

Some of these kiddos absolutely LOVE watermelon and probably spend most of their summer days day dreaming about it! They were so focused on devouring every last piece that they barely paid attention to anything going on around them, including some dude with a big camera in their face.

Ohio Natural Light Childhood Portrait Photography Ohio Natural Light Childhood Portrait Photography

When you and your BFF have back to back sessions, what else are you going to do but lay on the ground laughing your heads off!

Most of these kiddos went home covered in sticky watermelon juice, and probably some dirt, and we are sure their Mommas had a blast washing their clothes 😉 Some however, decided that they would do their Momma a favor and wash their own clothes while still at the farm! This little lady only had one thing on her mind after her session and it was soaking that dress in some soapy water.

Others had little to no interest in eating any watermelon at all. Instead, they enjoyed me(Brandon) running around the orchard behind them, chasing them through apple trees and getting lifestyle/candid style shots of them. Even playing the drums on a rock with some random sticks became a favorite activity for a while!

Ohio Natural Light Childhood Portrait Photography

Heck, one even attempted to drive away with our truck.

We can honestly say that we had the time of our lives with these mini sessions, and seriously hope everyone else enjoyed them as much as we did. There is nothing better than a warm summer evening, fill with the laughter of some super cute and funny kiddos! Thanks to everyone that came out and let us create these awesome images for them, and again, thank you to the Bentley family for allowing us to use this beautiful property for our photography!

Reece & Briana {Maternity Session} 2018 | Portsmouth Ohio Natural Light Photography

We have been very fortunate to become good friends with Reece and Briana over the past year or so. They are two of the most down to earth, caring, and all around coolest people you will meet. Both Reece and Briana are very passionate about running, promoting health and wellness, and have had an overall big impact in the community. We could not be more happy for the two of you, and cannot wait to meet the new addition to the Brown Family. Congratulations!!

Ohio Natural Light Maternity Photography

Prior to finding out that they were expecting little Henry, they had created something very special here in southern Ohio. This very special something is McChesney Ridge Athletic Club, home to 78 acres, a beautiful 5 acre swimming lake, and 3 miles of awesome trails. Please check out their website and Facebook page to stay up to date with the many events hosted there.

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Glenwood {Senior} McKenzie |2018| Portsmouth Ohio Senior Portrait Photography

It is seriously hard to believe that this little, long brown haired girl, who always insisted on running around in her underwear, has grown into such a beautiful young lady and is now a senior in high school. Time truly does fly by. Your personality and charisma shine through just as bright now as they did when you were little! These two images are EXACLTY how we picture Kenzie anytime we think of her!  -Brandon

Fun Amazing Portsmouth Ohio Senior Portraits

I don’t even know where to begin. Kenzie has been such a huge part of my life since she was born 18 (that doesn’t even seem right!) years ago. She was my little cousin, but always felt like one of my first kids.  I have so many memories of her putting on my makeup, having me “do” her hair, playing hide and seek, and watching the same movies over and over again. I took her to school and picked her up when her mom worked, we went shopping and had matching outfits, I even took her and her brother to the Drive-In for the first time. They couldn’t believe we were watching a movie outside. LOL. We spent a lot of time together, and I will always be grateful for that. She has always been so smart, caring, and confident. This girl has been through more in her life than most people will ever have to, but has always came out of it stronger. There is no doubt in my mind that she will go on to do amazing things!

I am so proud of you Kenz! And I know your Mom is too! Focus on what makes you happy, and never settle. I love you! -Holly

Fun Amazing Portsmouth Ohio Senior Portraits

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  1. Trina Crisp

    These definitely capture Kenzie.

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McChesney Ridge Athletic Club {McChesney Ridge Relays 2018 } |Southern Ohio Trail Running

This was my first time attending an event at the McChesney Ridge Athletic Club and I must say, it was a freaking BLAST! It is really difficult to explain how awesome it really was. The owners (Reece and Briana Brown) are two of the coolest people out there, and they are also some of the BEST hosts that I have seen at any event. Events on the ridge are unlike any you have been to before. You do not just show up, run a race for time, get a t-shirt and go home. During and even after an event, you are seriously treated like family. Guests are well taken care of with healthy foods, cold drinks, and a warm fire in the colder months. I truly believe they are creating something special here, and it is really going to change the way people in our area view fitness. People are going to travel from far and wide to be apart of the M.R.A.C and attend the events offered all year long. This place is so much more than a gym or a place to simply exercise. It is a place to create a healthier lifestyle, mentally and physically, and there so many different ways to do that there. I am very fortunate to be able to work with everyone involved there, and create images that hopefully, showcase the once dream that Reece and Briana are now making a reality! Nothing but love for you guys! Portsmouth Southern Ohio Trail Running Fitness Lifestyle  Yoga Events

If you would like more information, you can check out their McChesney Ridge Arboretum Facebook page, or email Briana at There are so many different things offered on the ridge, so make sure to sign up to be on their email list, and stay up to date with everything going on there.

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Austin {Americana Mini Session} 2016 | Southern Ohio Natural Light Photography

Well, to say this session was long over due would be an understatement! I(Brandon) had been wanting to do a session like this for some time now, and after realizing it had been WAY too long since Austin’s last session, I knew she would be the perfect little model(as she always is) to help me create my vision. Like always, we had a blast and created some AWESOME images! Dallas(Austin’s horse) tried to be stubborn a couple times, but being the tough country girl Austin is, she kept him in line. Always looking forward to the next session!Ohio Natural Light PhotographyOhio Natural Light Photography

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  1. Flora long

    Beautiful need you to do for my granddaughter this is her last year in high school. Once again beautiful work and beautiful little girl.

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{Little Miss H} 2014 | Portsmouth Ohio Natural Light Newborn Photographer

What an absolute joy it was to work with this BEAUTIFUL little girl! Even though this little lady is 5 weeks old, she slept pretty much through her entire session. She has the second part of her session coming up and we cannot wait to capture some more amazing images of her!Portsmouth Ohio Natural Light Newborn PhotographyPortsmouth Ohio Natural Light Newborn PhotographyPortsmouth Ohio Natural Light Newborn Photography  Portsmouth Ohio Natural Light Newborn Photography  Portsmouth Ohio Natural Light Newborn Photography

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{Summer Mini Sessions} 2014 | Portsmouth Ohio Natural Light Photography

Portsmouth Ohio Natural Light Photography Summer Fun Mini Sessions

To end the month of August, we are currently offering Summer Mini Sessions!!! Spots are limited and will fill up quick, so make sure to book your own sessions ASAP 🙂 See ya soon!

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